Beverly Homes Changes to Corliss Homes

Goal of Radical Transparency Leads Luxury Builder to Name Change

In the South Sound area, most people associate the Corliss family name with the red Corliss Resources dump trucks they see rolling through their communities and the large, well established concrete and aggregate supply business the trucks represent.

So how did a family with nearly 100 years of experience delivering products like sand, gravel, aggregate, and concrete end up building luxury homes — and building them so well that the Master Builders Association (MBA) recently named them the Production Home Builder of the Year (2014).

It started three generations ago. Says Eric Corliss, President of Corliss Homes, “My grandfather, Harry Beverly Corliss, used to say, ‘They aren’t making any more land.’” Every penny he earned, he invested in real estate.”

Some of Harry Corliss’ real estate holdings eventually became Puyallup’s Sunrise, one of the first master-planned communities within Pierce County. “We were way early to the master-planned community trend,” maintains DeAnna Franklin, Director of Sales and Marketing at Corliss Homes. “Gorgeous mountain views, park-lined boulevards, and unique features designed to create community, Sunrise offered more than just neighborhoods. It offered a lifestyle. And no one else was doing that around here in the 90’s.”

But by 2008, the building bubble burst and the Great Recession hit. The Corliss’ family found themselves in possession of land they wanted to keep developing, but builders weren’t building.

From developers to builders

Out of sheer necessity, the family started Beverly Homes in 2010, a building company that bore Harry Corliss’ middle name “Beverly” and continued his legacy to its logical extension. Going from developer to builder was a leap, but Eric Corliss speaks passionately about what the process birthed in him. “Whatever we do in our family, we want to do it really well. That’s what drives me. Living up to the legacy that’s been passed on to us. I think about it all the time.” Corliss’ quest for excellence meant he needed more control over the product.

The family stopped partnering with other contractors and brought together their own building team. They commissioned unique home designs and curated cutting edge finishes and colors to top-tier surfaces and fixtures for their homes. The result? “The MBA recognized the unique quality of what we were doing,” says Eric Corliss, “and so did buyers.”

So why the name change to Corliss Homes now? Says Eric, “The construction industry is full of people who create new business entities to dodge responsibility for shoddy work they’ve done. We wanted to go in the opposite direction. We feel so confident in the quality of what we’re offering that we want to associate our building company in a more obvious way with our other family businesses. I’m a little melancholy about moving away from the Beverly name, but I feel confident that we’re doing it for the right reasons and that my grandfather would be proud.”

Corliss Homes is Pierce County’s Luxury Home Builder. The Corliss family has been building luxury homes without compromise since 2010 and doing business without compromise since 1919.